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Panels with solar panels offer lifetime productivity.

Jan 12

Panels with solar panels offer lifetime productivity.

While solar panel systems are great for the environment, many people still think they are too expensive to maintain and install. However, costs for installing and maintaining such a system have been falling every year. In the past decade, solar photovoltaic systems have evolved to be an economical, reliable, and simple-to-maintenance alternative source of electricity.

Is solar panel maintenance expensive? Are solar panels simple to maintain? We'll be sharing our knowledge on how to make your home solar-powered and what you need to do to keep them in good condition over its lifetime.

Solar Installation Costs

Installation and products are the main cost of Solar Panels in Sacramento. The cost to convert a residential house into a solar home will vary depending on the system chosen and the size of their energy needs.

Solar Sacramento now guarantees solar system energy production. We will also pay you the difference.


The Current Electricity Cost

It is crucial to understand what traditional electricity users pay in order to better compare solar electricity costs. It is easy to see that electricity prices are not the same in every state. However, it is useful to consider national averages. The average price of a kWh in Hawaii is $0.2872 per Kilowatt-hour (kWh), with Louisiana being $0.0771 kWh. The average U.S. household costs $0.1054 kWh to get 877 kWh of electricity per month. A bill of $92.44 is before taxes and other fees.


Solar energy can help offset these costs greatly. Solar Sacramento evaluates homes. We look at the roof ( pitch and azimuth) as well as your electricity bill. We seek to offset your electricity costs as close as possible to 100%.


Solar Panel Maintenance Prices

Properly installed systems require very little or no solar maintenance. Only a few expenses will be required over the average system's life span of 25-30 years. There are a few costs that could arise from monitoring issues, wire maintenance (perhaps a squirrel bit through a wire), installing snow guards, and inverter failure to communicate. Solar Sacramento can quickly assess whether you would need us on-site.


Panel cleaning

Solar panels typically have a 1-2% degradation factor per year, depending on the climate. It can also suffer an 8% production reduction from soiling (this is noted in all datasheets for panels and what's 25-year warranty will protect over this time).

You are concerned about solar panel washing? Solar panels are basically self-cleaning. Yesterday was a snowstorm of 1'0" But don't worry! The sun shines and melts any snow. And your panels are back to production.

Solar Sacramento offers customers yearly maintenance plans. These plans can also be bundled with the purchase of a solar system.

Solar Installations are a Sound Investment

Everyone who has ever considered going solar should consider the low initial investment and negligible maintenance costs for a solar system. These costs are decreasing every day due to technological advancements and the availability of more efficient equipment.

As new systems are made to be more eco-friendly and last for longer periods, the cost of kWh will continue to drop. It will also continue to be practical and affordable to obtain reliable, consistent green energy.


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